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rip race

Swim “The Rip” to tick the biggest bucket list swim in Australia. With fast and unpredictable tides, a shipping lane and abundant sea life, crossing this notorious stretch gives you bragging rights to an elite swimming club. It is a life-changing experience.


lane peters multimedia

helping some of the best companies in the world inspire and grow by building creative, engaging content for brands and events, check out lanepeters.com for more details. 

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Curt's Coffee Cart

Little Melbourne is a mobile cafe, coffee cart and catering company based in tiburg, the netherlands. We aim to bring a slice of Melbourne's cafe scnene to europe by offering expertly made espresso drinks, homemade cakes and slices and simple cafe food.


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Print mate one stop press

First impressions count and we can help your business stand out from the crowd. We are very experienced working with businesses of all sizes and understand the need to balance the budget while still having top quality printed materials.

Klein's gourmet foods

Can't cook tonight? Neither could we in the middle of the English Channel, that's why we fed Don the world's best 'Jewish Penicillin' (aka chicken soup), brought all the way from downtown Ripponlea, Australia. Check out Klein's extensive range of prepared gourmet foods.